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Mastering Virtual – Part 1 of 5: The Optimized New Patient Process

When COVID-19 hit, our partners over at The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) were in a surprisingly optimistic situation. For the last 18 months, the global digital marketing and orthodontic consulting company had been helping their members and their busy practices implement their next phase of the new patient process: The Virtual Consultation

Now after completing thousands of virtual consultations, TIO has shared with us the keys to mastering this optimized new patient process.

Today, virtual consultations are the normal for TIO members around the world. Their reason for implementing virtual consultations was simple in their eyes. They had been coaching practices on how to manage a large amount of new patient inquiries for over 10 years and saw immediate value in bringing a portion of that new patient experience online. TIO actually did a webinar on the evolution of this process with TIO member and SmileSnap customer, Dr. Alex Waldman’s practice a few months ago. If you have not watched this incredibly valuable webinar you can check it out here.

But where is this process today?

In this 5-part series, Casey Bull, the Global Director of Content and Community at TIO, and our own SmileSnap Director of Customer Success Stacey Bagwell, take us through the steps and key things to consider to truly master the virtual consultation process and understand how the new patient journey has evolved.

What will be covered in the series:

  1. Virtual consultation workflow and set up
  2. Tracking and reporting for success
  3. Closing and Tips for getting the YES
  4. Bridging the virtual to physical appointment with ease

In the first video of our series, Casey and Stacey go through the big picture of virtual consultations and share helpful tips on the workflow, as well as dos and don’ts for the virtual consultation features available today on SmileSnap and SmileSnap Pro.


Up Next in the 5-Part Series: Tracking and Reporting for Virtual Success




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