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Our virtual consultation software offers the ultimate in convenience for you, your team, and your patients, combined with best of breed back-end management and analytics.

Step 1

Patient Uploads Photos

Patient creates a patient profile, uploads 5 quality intra-oral photos, and answers some questions to help provide a detailed treatment plan.

Step 2

Doctor Presents Treatment Plan

Your team reviews patient information and photos and provide a preliminary treatment plan that's delivered to the patient via text and/or email.

Step 3

Patient Schedules Treatment

Patient contacts you directly, or clicks to schedule a visit directly from the email - immediately alerting your team to engage and schedule.

Engage Patients 24/7

SmileSnap is always available to collect patient information. More than just online chat, SmileSnap delivers complete patient information to help you provide a detailed treatment plan.

  • Increase starts from online "Walk-ins"
  • Conduct virtual consultations 24/7
  • Reply at your convenience
  • Keep entire office engaged in process

Fast & Efficient Consults

Strike while the “Iron is Hot” and respond to requests in under 3 minutes from anywhere at any time. SmileSnap Treatment Plans let you provide a treatment plan in as little as 3 clicks.

  • Respond instantly via text and email
  • Unlimited saved Treatment Plans
  • Fully customizable responses

Proven Results

Pre-Informed patients are ready to say “yes” to treatment. Reduce in-office consultation time, eliminate surprises and increase your case acceptance rate.

  • You're fully ready for patient
  • Patient's expecations set before visit
  • Reduce or eliminate "shopping" consults
  • Increase overall starts dramatically

Cutting Edge Features

SmileSnap is a professional software company with a singular focus - optimizing the virtual consult process. We will continuously improve and provide you the best software, support, and results available.

Unlimited Treatment Plans

Pre-define any number of treatment plans for rapid response.

Consult Widget on Your Site

Your patients conduct consult on your site, never leaving.

Detailed Patient Dashboard

Best in class management dashboard for managing patients.

Visitor & Conversion Analytics

Details charts with views, clicks, conversions, and uploads.


SmileSnap Pricing

Choose annual, standard, or premium to suit your needs & budget. Need custom pricing? Email us at [email protected]


  • $999Per Year per Location
  • Save Almost 20%
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Priority Email Support
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  • $99Per Month per Location
  • Cancel Any Time
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Email Support
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  • $249Per Month per Location
  • All Monthly Features
  • Custom Installation
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Telephone Support
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