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See Patients from Anywhere with Virtual Consultations & Visits

Add SmileSnap to your site to drive high conversion leads with virtual consults and conduct virtual appointments with existing patients

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Smile snapshot from a potential patient
Alert patients through mobile notifications when it's time to take pictures
Smile assessment tool is friendly for mobile and desktop users
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Trusted by Over 1,000 Orthodontists & Dentists

SmileSnap is the most trusted tool for conducting virtual online consultations & visits.

Engage with patients in need of dental care anywhere, anytime.

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"When I heard about SmileSnap a few months ago, I couldn't envision a productive way for it to exist in our new patient workflow. Today, given our new reality, I can't envision any scenario where this technology isn't incredibly important in our future workflows."

Dr. Jamie Reynolds Orthodontist, Spillane & Reynolds Orthodontics | Co-founder, OrthoFi

Empower Your Practice

In-App Followup with Patient Leads

Engagement Tools

Reach your Patients

Communicating with your potential patients is key to getting them in the door. Our platform supports both email and two-way text messaging to ensure you are reaching them effectively.

Brand your Smile Assessment Platform

Make it Your Own

Brand Your Practice

Customize your widget to stay consistent with your practice's identity. Incorporate your logo, brand colors, and personal messaging & slogans into the platform.

Automate your new patient process

Efficiency is Key

Automate Your Processes

We want your team members to work efficiently. Set up smile assessment templates and automated email and text notifications to optimize workflow processes.

How it Works

The Virtual Consultation Process

Add the SmileSnap widget to your website and start receiving new patients.

The steps are simple...
Online Smile Assessment Image - Patient does research
Online Smile Assessment Photos are Submitted through Widget
Dentist and dental providers return an online assessment and treatment plan
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"Doing over 300 virtual consultations in the last year has taught us that the best way to increase your conversion rate is to pre-qualify your patients using a high quality virtual consultation experience."

Dr. Alexander Waldman Orthodontist, Waldman Orthodontics, Beverly Hills

More Than Just a Widget

Improving your practice across the board.


When making decisions, consumers want information and answers quick.

Stay One Step Ahead

Patients have options - stand out! Online Smile Assessments differentiate your practice and stay ahead of the trends.

24/7 Access

Patients can engage with you at a time that fits their schedule. Have a presence ouside of your office hours.

Modern Marketing Tool

Marketing can make or break you. Think outside the box and incorporate Smile Assessments into your marketing campaigns.


Sending photos through a secure platform is an important part of compliance standards and your patient's privacy.

Preview Their Case

Your time is valuable - use the photos submitted to plan accordingly and schedule your day. Know what to expect before they step into your office.

With more than 1,000 offices worldwide, SmileSnap is the industry's most trusted virtual consultation software.

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