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Virtual Dental Consults 101

The more patients you see per day, the more profitable your office will be. When you and your team are in the office, you want to boost your productivity as much as possible. 

Of course, as a dental professional, you know things don’t always go this way. Before you can perform most procedures, a consultation is required. And you’ll also need to leave room on your schedule for follow-ups and postoperative checks. The good news is, this is where teledentistry can shine. 

How COVID-19 Changed Dentistry 

The COVID pandemic led the medical field to find ways to do virtual consults with new and existing patients. Telemedicine is here to stay because it works well for both doctors and their patients. According to Medical Economics, 83% of Americans plan to continue with telehealth appointments after the COVID pandemic ends. 

Now, dental practices want the ability to do virtual consults, because it keeps their chairs open to provide dental services to their patients. And, when patients who have had virtual consults come in, it is to have their restorative or cosmetic work done.

If you want to be able to offer new and existing patients virtual consults, then you need SmileSnap software. The dental practices already using SmileSnap report an increase of more than 80% case acceptance.

How does SmileSnap work?

Our software is a customizable widget that is added to your website. The widget allows new or existing patients to submit their information and to provide pictures of their teeth. You can download these pictures and assess what type of cosmetic or restorative dental treatment they need.

Once you’ve formulated a treatment plan, you can send each patient a personalized response. Once a patient has the information about the dental treatment you recommend, you can meet with them virtually to answer questions and provide more information.

Your patients then have the option of onboarding through virtual consult or by coming to your office. Some patients may not be comfortable with onboarding virtually, but many will be because so much of their personal and business lives are now done online.

When patients come to your dental practice for their appointments, they are knowledgeable about what you will be doing, and you can begin treatment right away.

You and your patients can also do virtual consults to follow up after dental procedures like placing braces or aligners. This is more efficient for both you and your patients. They save time and you save time.

Why SmileSnap Works Well for You and Your Patients

As a dentist, you may not know what goes on behind the scenes with your website. But, you do know whether having a website and regularly updating it with new articles and new blogs is bringing new patients in the door.

Websites serve one purpose: to convert potential to action. In your case, you want to convert people who find you on the internet into patients. SmileSnap helps you do that because the widget for SmileSnap is right on your home page.

That makes it easy for potential patients to submit their information for a virtual consult. The patients you are targeting with SmileSnap are already buying food to be delivered, cars, and groceries online. They are also using online services to find friends, to date, and perhaps to find a potential spouse.

They expect their online experiences to be fast, glitch-free, and self-explanatory. With SmileSnap, you have the software solutions that meet these needs when they are scheduling a virtual consult.

Why You Will Like SmileSnap

SmileSnap has many features that give you complete control over how the software operates on your website. This ability to personalize SmileSnap gives you the ability to make it your own and have it seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website.

One thing you can do is customize the SmileSnap widget with your logo and the colors you choose. You can also create your own list of questions to ask potential patients, which gives you the opportunity to get as much detail as you need to do a virtual consult.

One of the features that many dental practices like is the ability to record your own video message and attach it to your responses to patients. That is a personal touch that may convert potential into a patient because it communicates your interest, care, and compassion for your patients.

Another important feature of SmileSnap is HIPAA compliance. Your patients can meet with you virtually with the peace of mind that their medical information is kept safe and secure.

If you have a dental practice with offices and dentists in several locations, SmileSnap can support that. SmileSnap lets you create workflows and do new patient message routing to different offices. Since there is no limit to the number of users you can have, your entire team can access it – from every office location.

Another impressive SmileSnap feature allows you to determine whether the software is bringing in new patients, and at what rate. In other words, is it working to convert potential to action? SmileSnap has an analytics dashboard that measures all of this data for you, so you can visually see how SmileSnap is working for your practice.

Why Your Patients Will Like SmileSnap

During the COVID pandemic, many people have led virtual lives. Whether they are going to school, going to work, visiting with friends, or even having dinners or game nights, most of this has been completed online.

Medical practices adopted telehealth early in the pandemic, and people like it. However, dental practices didn’t always keep up with this trend, so many Americans have put off dental care and procedures because they felt like they didn’t have a choice.

With SmileSnap, your patients will have the choice to do virtual consults so they can catch up on or get the dental care they need. Additionally, SmileSnap gives your patients 24/7 access to your practice. This means they can get in touch with you when it’s convenient for them, which may not be during your normal business hours.

Benefits of SmileSnap

One benefit of SmileSnap is that it lets you streamline your practice and make it more efficient. When people are in your chairs, they are receiving dental care or treatments. You will be able to schedule more care and treatment visits. This will make your practice more profitable.

Another benefit of SmileSnap is that you don’t ever have to miss an opportunity to add patients to your practice. SmileSnap has apps for both iPhones and Android phones that notify you of new patient consultations and let you respond right away.

Boost Your Dental Practice with SmileSnap

SmileSnap was formed in 2019 to meet a growing need among dentists. They now have 1,200 dentists and orthodontists around the world who trust their virtual dental consultations to SmileSnap.

If you want to add virtual dental consult capability to your practice to grow your business, schedule a quick demo here or give us a call at 1.720.738.8080. 

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