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The 2 minute virtual consultation with Dr. Peter Boulden

With time being our most valuable commodity, having efficient ways of connecting with your new patients is more crucial than ever.

In this 2 minute video, Dr. Peter Boulden of Atlanta Dental Spa showcases just how easy it is to deliver an incredibly personalized virtual treatment plan using SmileSnap’s virtual consultation platform.

The advantages of utilizing virtual consultations in dentistry and dental specialties are significant for both practices and patients.

Why do practices benefit from new patient virtual consultations?

  1. Providing new patients relevant information through a virtual consultation, you are equipping them to make a buying decision before they even walk in your door. By overcoming normal case acceptance objections like cost, options, and trust in the practice ahead of time, the in-office visit is less stressful and more engaging for the patient and your team. You can concentrate more on cultivating the relationship with the patient instead of moving them through a “process.”
  2. Doctors will be able to improve the quality of interaction with the new patient. Unlike in-office visits where there can be interruptions or distractions, a doctor can schedule to “meet” the patient virtually when he or she has concentrated time. In addition, SmileSnap Pro’s Record to Play video feature is another way to add a personal touch when discussing treatment options. This is especially helpful if you want to showcase a doctor’s personality and face since PPE requirements make it difficult to do so.
  3. Quality virtual consultations can differentiate a practice from their competition. By embracing virtual consultations and setting systems in place to manage them, new patients will see how excellent your customer service is even before they walk in the door.

Why do patients benefit from virtual consultations?

  1. By having a solution in a space where patients already spend a vast majority of their time (their cellphone and the internet), they do not have to leave the  comfort of their digital world to get information about your office and if you are a fit for their needs.
  2. Effectively gathering valuable information about treatment, patients are able to make decisions quicker and get started with their treatment while they are excited about moving forward.
  3. Patients have the same problems that doctors do- time and attention. If a patient is thinking about a new dentist or dental procedure, they want information now. Making it easy for patients to share information with you, allows them to get their questions answered faster. In the world of NOW, that extra advantage will help a patient get their oral healthcare needs met faster.

For more information about how to supercharge your new patient process with virtual consultation and virtual treatment presentations, check out our SmileSnap solutions that can help you get started by visiting our virtual consultation pricing page. If you want to see Dr. Peter Boulden and Atlanta Dental Spa’s online experience, visit their website to see how they have customized their SmileSnap process for their own practice!


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