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Guest Blog: 4 Tactics to Reach the Right Audience for Virtual Dental Consultations by My Social Practice

When it comes to introducing patients to virtual dental consultations, one of the biggest challenges is making sure your practice is reaching the right audience. Targeting your audience will help you have effective dental marketing and boost your appointment numbers. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the simple ways your dental practice can get in front of your ideal patients with the right message.

Discover four tactics to reach the right audience for virtual dental consultations!

Determine Your Ideal Dental Patient By Creating Personas 

Creating personas is as simple as deciding what your ideal patient looks like. Do you want to reach mothers of children in your area? Are you looking to reach seniors looking for denture care? Decide what kind of age, interests, priorities, and concerns your ideal patients have, and keep this “persona” in mind while you write social media captions and website copy. Build a message from your dental practice that resonates with your audience and addresses their concerns.

Additionally, the personas you create can be useful when you are trying to target specific people on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Facebook and Instagram allow you to target certain ages, locations, and other demographics to reach your perfect audience. Putting just $5 or $10 behind a paid advertisement to a targeted audience can make a big difference for your practice.

Participate in Local Online Conversations

One of the most effective ways to reach and attract patients for virtual consultations is to be involved and engaged with your local community online. Consider becoming a sponsor for a local charity or fun run. Keep in mind that in today’s digital world, people communicate and spread the word about community events by posting about it online. Most (if not all!) of your local events will have digital marketing and conversations to get people interested in the event.  You have an opportunity to reach your perfect audience and get your practice’s name out there by being involved. Follow local stores and restaurants and comment on their posts. Remember, you want to show your patients that you treat people, not teeth.

Answer Faqs About Virtual Consultations On Your Website and Social Media Pages

Put yourself in the shoes of your patients looking to schedule a digital consultation. What kinds of phrases and keywords would they use to find services like the ones that you offer? Once you identify a couple of keywords, you can use tools like AdWords Keyword Planner to find similar keywords. Utilize these keywords on your website content and social media pages. The idea here is that you’ll want to show up when someone in your local area searches for those keywords. Local search marketing has proven to be an enormous help to dental practices.

You can also shoot a short video of your doctor or a team member answering questions in a Facebook or Instagram Live video. This gives you an opportunity to explain what kind of consultations you offer and allows your patients to become more comfortable with video.

Think about your ideal patient and what subjects they are interested in. Post about topics that they are interested in that are not related to dentistry or your practice. Consider sharing posts about local events, trending memes, and funny viral videos. Keep your practice human by talking about things that you would chat about in the office with patients. Successful dentists not only provide excellent clinical care but they have personal relationships with their patients. Staying engaged and relatable to your patients keeps relationships strong and patients coming back.

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