How to View a Consult that was Sent to a Patient - SmileSnap

Learn how to view consultations that you sent to the patient.

If you would like to view the consultation sent from SmileSnap there a few ways this can be done. Based on your needs, please select the method that will work best for you!

Viewing a Sent Consult

If you would like to view the sent consult, of a specific patient, in your consultation request dashboard  do the following:

  • Find the patient whose consult you would like to view
  • Click into their status button to pull up their file
  • Scroll down to the section under ‘Your Smile Assessment’
  • All the information sent will be populated in the fields for you to view (fields will be greyed out due to the fact it was sent).

Receiving a Copy of Every Sent Consult

There is a setting that can be turned on in the ‘Team’ section that will allow for users within your account to be copied on every single consult sent. This is a user-based preference and once turned on, that specific user will be BCC’d on all of the email/SMS communications sent out from SmileSnap. If you would like a copy of all of the consults sent out, this option would make sense for you.

  • Go to the ‘Team’ section of the menu in your account
  • Find the user whose email address you would like the copies of the consults to go to
  • Turn on the notification preferences in the column labeled ‘Consult Sent Alert’ – users have the ability to receive SMS alerts and email copies

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