How to Test your Widget Before Integrating - SmileSnap

After you set up your widget, your email and text settings, and your intake questions, test your widget on our demo site.

Step 1 – Click on the ‘Integration’ tab in your left-hand menu

Step 2 – Click on the link under the ‘Test Before You Deploy’ section

  • This link brings you to our demo website. Fill out your widget as if you were a patient registering with your practice

Step 3 – Fill out the widget with real contact information

  • You will receive the welcome email and texts that you set up to go to your patients upon clicking ‘Continue’ in the ‘Patient Information’ section of the widget
  • Fill out the rest of the widget so that you can see the full scape of the patient interaction
  • If you are on your phone, watch the instructional videos on how to take the perfect smile pics, then take your own pictures

These pictures will show up in your ‘Consult Request’ Section next to your name, as well as in the drop-down patient profile that you can access by clicking on your ‘Status’. Your status will always be ‘Awaiting Consult’ when you or a patient first registers.

Step 4 – Make sure the patient communication looks right

  • Check your email and ensure that the welcome email you received from the practice (You) and the email you received from SmileSnap as the provider look good.
  • Check your text messages and make sure the welcome text you received from the practice (You) looks right.

Notice that the SMS number your text comes from is not your office number. It should be the same area code or close. This is the number that patients will see then you text them through SmileSnap. It can be found under the ‘Provider Profile’ when you select ‘Edit my Profile’

  • Next, sign into your SmileSnap account and check out your new Consult Request!
    • You can use this patient profile to experiment with your SmileSnap software and experience the patient side of it. Your next step is to go to ‘Consult Requests’ and send yourself a treatment plan or a text.

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