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Treatment plans are templates that should be created to simplify the process of sending back initial plans to your patients. A treatment plan should be created for each service your practice offers.

Steps to Set Up a Treatment Plan

Step 1 – Go to the Treatment Plan section on the left side menu

  • Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new plan

Step 2 – Title the plan according to the specific treatment it pertains to

Step 3 – Fill in the template and select the pricing and other ranges you would like to be sent with this particular plan

Every section of this template can also be modified while sending the treatment plan to a patient while in ‘Consult Requests’. Add as much or as little detail as you would like, this is just a template for one type of treatment to make sending your consultations easier.

  • Label this treatment type. The type will often be similar to the title.

You are not limited to the dropdown selection!  The ‘Treatment Type’ has preconfigured options but you can also enter text manually

  • Create a note to the patient that you can send to every patient that will receive this plan. Make it vague enough that anyone can receive it but detailed enough so that it describes anything they might want to know about their treatment. You can always add a name or a starting date to this note to personalize it further before sending from ‘Consult Requests’
  • You can choose to submit a special offer if you have a deal available to patients for this treatment, if you enter nothing in this section, nothing will be sent to the patient.
  • Choose any ranges you feel comfortable setting for this plan. If the box next to that section is checked it will show up with your entered range when you are sending the plan, if it is unchecked it will not be included. You can always add or remove these ranges when sending the plan to the patient.

If the lower value in your range is set to 0, only the higher value will be displayed to the patient. It will not show as a range. Make sure the lower value is greater than zero if you want it to show up as a range.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create Plan’ to save.

  • You can always go back and edit a treatment plan by clicking on its title in your ‘Treatment Plans’ section.

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