How to Set Up Team Account Managers - SmileSnap

This guide shows you how to set up team account managers.

Steps to Set Up a Team Account Manager

Step 1 – Go to the Team section on the left side menu

Step 2 – Evaluate the chart labeled ‘Roles & Permissions’

  • Different roles allow for different permissions and account access.
  • During the Account Manager setup, you must select a role for your team member using the ‘Role’ dropdown. This decision should be based on your own privacy requirements.
  • Check out the chart in the ‘Team’ section to learn how each role differs and what sections of the software they will have access to

Step 3 – Add team account manager

  • Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new Account Manager
  • Enter the required fields
  • Select ‘Create Account Manager’

Step 4 – Confirm your SmileSnap Account

  • The email address associated with the new team member will receive an automated email prompting them to confirm their account
  • Click on the button labeled ‘Confirm my Account’
  • In the window labeled ‘Request Confirmation’ enter your email address
  • Click button labeled ‘Send Confirmation Instructions’

Step 5 – Set Notification Preferences Per User

  • Set up the notification preferences per user.
  • Users can receive notifications via email, SMS, both, or neither. It is all configurable based on responsibilities within your practice.

Patient Request Alert: Notifications that come in when a new patient consultation is received

Consult Sent Alert: Notifications that will BCC (blind copy) the user in the consultation responses that are sent to the patient.

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