How to Launch an Instant Live Video Session - SmileSnap

Learn how to launch an instant live video session, invite your patient and other participants.

Step 1 – Go to the ‘Patient (Pro)’ section of the left side menu

Step 2 – Find the patient that you would like to initiate an instant video session with in your list of patients

Step 3 – Click on the Video icon in the ‘Connect’ column (second icon from the left)

Step 4 – Click on the Start an Instant Video Session button

  • If prompted by your browser to enable your camera and/or microphone, click Yes and give access.
  • To invite a patient or a participant, first click the Invite Participants button
    • Under the + Patient tab, you have three options for inviting a patient:
      • Copy Video Link: Copy an invite URL (link) and send it to the patient or other participant not in your SmileSnap software by pasting it into any communication platform
      • Send Text Message: Send the invitation to the patient via SMS messaging
      • Send Email: Send the invitation to the patient via email

Step 5 – Invite your participant and wait for them to join

  • The patient will show up in your waiting room, let them in when you are ready to begin the meeting.

NOTE: Be careful not to navigate away from the page while conducting a video session, as this will end the session. If you need to visit other websites during the call, do so on a new browser tab or window.

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