How To Add Practice Locations - SmileSnap

Add practice locations if you have multiple practices

Steps to Add A Location

Step 1 – Go to the section of the left-hand menu titled ‘Locations’

Step 2 – Click on the ‘+’ button

Step 3 – Add all the location specific information into the fields presented

  • The phone number you enter for specific locations must be a valid phone number or you will receive an error message when you attempt to save.
  • Location-specific URL and Scheduling links are optional, if you choose not to add a location-specific URL it will be auto-populated from the ‘provider profile’.

Step 4 – Click ‘Save Location’


Note: If you want to auto-assign patients to their nearest location, there is a setting for that in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Basic tab’ > ‘Auto-Assign Patients to the nearest location’.

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