How Do I Upgrade to SmileSnap Pro? - SmileSnap

Learn how to upgrade your SmileSnap account from Starter to Professional and gain access to additional features and tools. If you have additional questions about upgrading, contact our customer service team.

If you are the account owner and want to upgrade your SmileSnap Starter subscription to a Professional subscription:

Click here to fill out the upgrade form

You may be charged a pro-rated amount for the difference in price if your effective date for upgrade is before your next billing cycle date.

Professional subscription offers all the features and benefits you already use with a Starter subscription, plus Unlimited Live Video Consultations & Visits.

Some of the added features include:

Patient Portal Subdomain

The usage of patient portal subdomains is only available for SmileSnap Professional subscriptions. A subdomain is a link associated with your account where your patient will be guided for video consultations and access to their patient portal.

Live Video

The usage of live video chat is also only available for SmileSnap Professional. This feature allows you to launch or schedule live video consultations and visits with your patients.

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