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Carmen Marie
by Carmen Marie Published Jul 28, '20

Dr Peter Boulden, DMD SmileSnap Bulletproof Dental Practice Atlanta Dental Spa

Advisor Announcement — Peter Boulden, DMD, FACE, FIADFE, FAGD, FACDS

SmileSnap is proud to announce that we have added Dr. Peter Boulden to our advisory team! Dr. Peter Boulden has been practicing cosmetic and general dentistry for over 15 years and has built a very successful seven (7) location dental enterprise in Georgia where he was raised his entire life.

Dr. Boulden is passionate about both clinical dentistry & the business of dentistry; creating systems and processes, developing marketing programs that work, and building an office culture that focuses on the patient’s dental experience.  He loves talking about goal setting & work/life balance and sharing these tips and strategies with other dentists.

Dr. Boulden also co-hosts the Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast with Dr. Craig Spodak, together they discuss these topics along with many others pertaining to working within the dental industry. He is married with 3 young kids.

Dr. Boulden discovered SmileSnap in March while researching different virtual consultations platforms for his FFS practice, Atlanta Dental Spa. At the time, SmileSnap's marketing heavily leaned toward orthodontic practices. However, Dr. Boulden envisioned an immediate application and benefit to general dental practices. In just a few months, more than 500 new patients leads have come through SmileSnap and over a dozen members of his staff are actively using it.

"We live in the economy of “NOW”.  Private driver to your doorstep - Uber. Packages delivered in an hour - Amazon. Any movie, instantly - Netflix. People expect to be able to get results online now in a quick manner and dentistry should be NO different. SmileSnap is the first platform in dentistry that is built from a robust tech platform and checked all the boxes for me when I was evaluating for our 4 locations FFS practice. We’ve had amazing success with our virtual consultations from SmileSnap."


As an Advisor to SmileSnap, Dr. Boulden will be assisting with SmileSnap's general and cosmetic dentistry focused product and marketing vision. Peter intends to focus his efforts on helping other general dentistry practices adopt virtual technology, improve the experience for patients from start to finish and thus, increase case acceptance rates, and understand how a robust tech platform like SmileSnap simplifies and enhances the experience for both the staff and patients.

“Peter is a wonderful addition to our already robust advisory team. His marketing and visionary expertise in the dental industry is widely known and we expect SmileSnap to benefit greatly from his advisory with the aspiration to become one of the most recognized leaders in the cosmetic and general dentistry virtual software industry.”

— Greg Pellegrom, SmileSnap CEO

SmileSnap is honored to welcome Dr. Peter Boulden to the team!

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Carmen Marie
Carmen Marie
Director, Marketing